Course Description

Stop Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

Imagine enjoying your law practice and your life!

Lawyers are under constant pressure to perform. Even worse, most of the time, what the lawyer actually wants in business or life is lost along the way.

Lawyers come out of law school, take the best (or highest-paying) job, get assigned a type of work either by practice group or whatever the firm or company happens to do and then sits with their head down helping other people achieve their dreams while they slowly (or not-so-slowly) die inside.

That needs to stop. And there's no reason you can't build a great law practice! 

You work too hard to not be enjoying your practice and personal life while building towards something more meaningful.

S.M.A.R.T. goals won't help you get there either. 

They're okay, but they only get you half of the way to building the business (or life) you want.

The biggest problem with S.M.A.R.T. goals is they don't take into account the fact that all of these goals need to be done by humans. In other words, they are all math, no science. 

In this course, we spend two hours walking how to find the direction and focus to lead you somewhere worth going while enjoying the ride.

Sounds great, right?

That's what we'll do:

  • In Module 1, we'll address all the preliminary issues to helping you establish the best focus and direction for your practice because we don't want you building someone else's dream anymore.
  • In Module 2, we'll help you find your business development voice, prepare you for using this process, and share why this process works.
  • In Module 3, we'll walk you through eight simple steps to finding your focus and discovering the direction that's right for you.
  • Finally, in the BONUS Module, we'll help you identify sometimes-hidden resources, create an action plan, get in the right mindset to take the next steps, find your support, and even give you a way to connect with us more to get personalized attention (and a kick in the butt if you need it!)
  • We'll even give you the slides to the course to download and keep close by if you need a reminder or prefer to take notes on the slides for each section!

There's no reason you can't make the next year your best year yet! 

But you won't unless you start taking the right actions in the right direction--for you!

You're no one-size-fits-all lawyer, so don't accept any one-size-fits-all business development plan!

Founder, Attorney Marketing Institute

Nick Pavlidis

Nick Pavlidis Connect with Nick on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram!Attorney Marketing Institute, or AMI, was founded by Nick Pavlidis, an attorney who spent nearly ten years as a commercial and bankruptcy litigator in the New York City office of a large law firm, when he moved his family back to his home state to serve as the number two in-house attorney for a group of international manufacturing companies, a job he secured through networking efforts. Nick's experience and training is uniquely tailored to coach and train lawyers on how to get started early and build a healthy business development practice while maintaining the highest standards for their practice and healthy personal habits, both of which are critical to your long-term success. Some of Nick's business development successes, which he achieved while consistently reaching or exceeding practice expectations, include:bringing in several new engagements ranging from a few thousand dollars to six-figure mattersexpanding business from existing firm clientsconnecting partners and other associates with business development opportunitiessecuring multiple speaking engagements, both domestically and abroadhosting multiple in-house counsel networking events, with no out-of-pocket costssecuring multiple online and print writing opportunitiesbuilding a strong network for direct and referral businesscoaching other associates through specific marketing initiatives and designing their business development habitsserving on the Firm-Wide Associates' Committee for many years, including as Chair, New York Office Representative, and Firm-Wide Member at Large.In addition to his substantive experience and innovative marketing techniques that helped Nick secure clients, speaking engagements and writing opportunities over more experienced attorneys, Nick has also studied and practiced the skills necessary to effectively coach other attorneys to design and implement their business development practice in their comfort zone. For example, what follows is a partial list of the relevant people and/or topics from whom Nick has learned and/or trained:Boston Boston College Law School (JD 2004)Coaching With Excellence (Dan Miller)Public Speaking (Lane Bowes; Speak-it-Forward Live)Attorney and General Online and Offline Networking and Marketing (Personal Business Development Coaching (for multiple years); NetworkNetwork Member (multiple years); Intentional Mentorship/Apprenticeships (shadowing, working with, or otherwise helping several partners with their business development projects), Leader/Admin for several online networking groups.Wharton School of Business Certifications in Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious ContentFacebook Certifications in Facebook Marketing and Facebook PageseMarketing Institute Certifications in Online Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine MarketingOther Writing, Creative, Publishing, and Marketing (Write-it-Forward Bootcamp; The Self-Publishing System; Self-Publishing Success Summit; Write to the Bank; Learn Scrivener Fast; and more)Writing, Legal (Brian Garner)As you can see, this partial list of study and experience demonstrates Nick's passion and extensive training in coaching, public speaking, networking, online and offline marketing, creative and persuasive writing, and more. This combination of education and practical experience allows Nick to not only prepare and effectively lead associates and others who are newer to marketing in individual and group sessions, but also helps him share effective, practical, and tested directions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Setting up for Your Business Development Goals

  • 2

    Module 2: Identifying Your Unique Place in the Market

    • Finding Your Business Development Voice

    • How To Use This Process (And Why It Works)

  • 3

    Module 3: Setting Your SMARTEST Goals (What, Why, How, and Warnings!)

    • Specific Goals

    • Measurable Goals

    • Actionable Goals

    • Realistic Goals

    • Time-Bound Goals

    • Exciting Goals

    • Seasonally-Appropriate Goals

    • Transformational Goals

  • 4

    BONUS MODULE: What to DO With Your New Focus and Direction Plus Course Materials

    • Identifying Your Sometimes-Hidden Resources

    • Building an Action Plan

    • The Success Mindset and Next Steps

    • Getting Support

    • BONUS Offer if You Need More Help

    • Course Slides

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