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Reduce Stress and Protect Against Burnout, with Wendy Reese Hartmann.

Lawyers are trained to advocate for others. Many of us sacrifice the best years of our lives, working sixty, seventy, even eighty or more stressful hours advocating for the health, wealth, or wellbeing of others. 

What about our own health, wealth, and wellbeing?

Who is going to watch out for us?

The reality for many of us is nobody watches out for us. In order to avoid burnout, we need to advocate for ourselves. We need to use the same strategic, practical, and problem-solving skills we use for others to reset and restore, to take care of ourselves.

I asked Wendy Reese Hartmann to talk with us about ways we can work stress reduction, mindfulness, and other health and wellbeing techniques into our busy schedules.

I also talked with her about how investing a few minutes a day into stress reduction can make us even more productive and creative with our work, effectively making the few minutes we carve out for short mindfulness or yoga routine something we almost create out of thin air.

Free resources from Wendy:

Wendy and I spoke for about twenty minutes on the podcast. You can listen to the audio of that on your favorite podcasting app by going to

She also shared a formula for creating a short morning routine that takes all your senses along with the principles of mindfulness and yoga into account to position you for an amazing day. You can see that by going to

Finally, you can get several free mindfulness, stretching, and yoga routines by going to Wendy's YouTube page: or by visiting her website at

I've enjoyed getting to know Wendy and encourage you to listen to the podcast episode and check out her free resources.

If you want even less stress and more relaxation:

If you want to get even more intentional about stress reduction, mindfulness, and your wellbeing, Wendy created three resources exclusively for Attorney Marketing Institute Academy subscribers.*

*Due to software limitations, we're forced to put a price on the materials and make it available for purchase if we put it as part of the All-Access Pass. The reality is if you use the materials created by Wendy for the Attorney Marketing Institute Academy All-Access Pass members to rest, refresh, and increase productivity, the lessons are priceless! Seriously, how much would more productivity and inner peace be worth to you? 

Nonetheless, we set the price of these exclusive materials to the cost of one month of our All-Access Pass to maintain the spirit of what Wendy created for us to provide an added benefit to All Access Pass members. You could invest $497 for only these materials (for life), or you could invest in becoming an All-Access Pass subscriber by going right here:

  • The first resource is a 14-minute Custom Guided Yoga Sleep Nidra on MP3 that Wendy made exclusively for AMI Academy All-Access Pass Members where Wendy walks us through a fourteen-minute ultimate rest routine.
    • Just press play, sit back, and relax as Wendy guides you into a deep state of relaxation. I've used this audio multiple times and every time I feel like I've taken a two-hour nap. I'm as skeptical as anyone when it comes to this type of stuff, but I've used it and it's amazing.
  • The second resource is a 5-Minute Custom Productivity Boost MP3 that Wendy made exclusively for AMI Academy All-Access Pass Members.
    • In this audio, Wendy helps takes you into a sense of stillness and take a few minutes to reflect, reset, restore, and restart! It's awesome. And it's just for us in the Attorney Marketing Institute Academy All-Access Community.
  • Finally, the third resource is a 7-Minute Custom Desk Stretch Video Wendy created exclusively for All-Access Pass Members to help counteract some of the damage we do to our bodies by sitting in a cramped desk staring at a computer screen all day!
  • In addition to these three resources, All-Access Pass members can watch the entire video of my interview with Wendy for the podcast!

Get these three resources and access to all of our courses, training, and other resources by signing up for the Attorney Marketing Institute Academy All-Access Pass today!

Of course, you can also contact Wendy directly for an even more personal touch! Just go to her website at

I couldn't be more grateful for how much Wendy was willing to share with us for free on the podcast as well as directing us to her morning routine, YouTube channel, and more, and that she was willing to create even more value for the lawyers who are investing in their future by maintaining a membership in the Attorney Marketing Institute Academy!

I'll be looking for even more great resources to share with you!

I hope these resources help you enhance both your personal and professional wellbeing!

Holistic Personal Trainer, 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and Mindful Living Mentor

Wendy Reese Hartmann

Wendy Reese Hartmann is on a quest to help people stretch into their greatness. As a holistic personal trainer, 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and mindful living mentor, she guides clients on a quest for strength, balance, flexibility and true power. Wendy has been in the wellness field for twenty-five years and teaching yoga for sixteen years. Wendy is also an author, speaker, and the host of The Whole Being Zone and Mindfulness Miracles podcasts. She is passionate about helping people live their yoga off the mat by infusing ancient wisdom with "pragmatic woo-woo" in applicable, fun, and slightly irreverent ways to optimize wholeness.  Wendy holds a BS in exercise science from Northern Arizona University and an MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation from Future Generations Graduate School. You can find her writing on Huffington Post, Yogadownload, Elephant Journal, and on Amazon/Audible.

Course curriculum

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    Free Resources to Reduce Stress and Protect Against Burnout, with Wendy Reese Hartmann

  • 2

    14-minute Custom Guided Yoga Sleep Nidra

    • 14-minute Custom Guided Yoga Sleep Nidra

  • 3

    5-Minute Custom Productivity Boost

    • Attorney Marketing Institute Intentional Quiet Productivity Boost

  • 4

    7-Minute Custom Desk Stretch

    • 7-Minute Custom Desk Stretch Video

  • 5

    Interview with Wendy Reese Hartmann

    • Reduce Stress, Build Strength, Protect Against Burnout, and More with Wendy Reese Hartmann

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